Teaching Policy & Fees


£20 for 30 minutes

£28 for 45 minutes

£35 for 60 minutes


  • The first lesson will be treated as a consultation/assessment lesson to determine a good fit between student and teacher.
  • A successful fit would include: commitment to regular practice (at least 10 minutes a day, minimum 5 days a week, although ideally every day) to ensure maximum progress between lessons.
  • If a child, the support of the parent is crucial to the learning process. Willingness to supervise practice sessions at home, in addition to ensuring a regular practice routine is established, is essential. A very good article about ensuring a good attitude to practice can be found here.
  • Of course, it has to be a mutual decision! The student (and if applicable, parent) decide if they wish to accept the place.
  • Complete beginners: this will essentially be their first violin or piano lesson. Students will be given the necessary information about equipment, practice, and my teaching style. I have instruments that can be used for this first lesson, but if you choose to learn with  me, you must source your own instrument for the next lesson as my instruments cannot be taken away. See below for help sourcing violins.
  • Transferring students: please prepare a scale and/or study learnt with your previous teacher, and at least one piece you have studied before. If possible, a list of previous repertoire would be great to bring along. Please bring all of your usual equipment (violin, bow, shoulder rest, sheet music) along too.


  • Sheet music can be purchased from many online retailers (for example MusicRoom or amazon) and usually arrives within under a week. Sometimes photocopies will be issued in lessons for practice purposes, but the expectation is that the student will have the proper book as soon as is feasibly possible.
  • Practice notebooks are essential tools. These can be specialist notebooks purchased from music shops, or simply A5 ruled notebooks. These must come to every lesson and be consulted during regular practice sessions.
  • For violins, The Old Violin Workshop in Hampton Hill is perfect for buying or renting violins of all sizes from. Unlike buying instruments online, they will set up and check the instrument is playable for you on site. Many online retailers do not set the violin up properly, causing issues for those learning on them.


  • Lessons follow the Richmond Borough State School terms.
  • By reserving a specific time within the term, you have committed that specific time for you and nobody else. Please make every effort to attend, unless there is illness.
  • You may cancel a lesson before 24 hours notice and still receive a catch-up lesson at an alternative time up to twice a term – but please make every effort to stick to the scheduled time.
  • Absences not reported before the lesson start time will be charged at the lesson time usual rate.
  • If Kath is unable to teach for any reason, the lesson will either be rescheduled, credited, or refunded.


  • For the initial consultation/assessment lesson, please bring either cheque or cash for the appropriate amount (as seen above).
  • Once a space has been accepted, lessons should be paid for in advance termly and by bank transfer (BACS).
  • Overdue tuition may result in the discontinuation of lessons.

Any more questions, please contact kath.r70@hotmail.co.uk