Live-streamed Community Concerts

Hello and welcome to a brand new initiative!
We are a group of musicians currently without an audience, and we’d love to perform for your community by live-streaming directly to you. With the current pandemic and social distancing policies, it’s impossible for us to come to you in person, so instead we will curate an online concert for your specific audience. If you have any requests for specific music, we’d love to hear them! Just make sure that you give us a weeks notice to prepare them. You can request a concert via contact form by clicking here. If you are a musician interested in joining our new performance platform, please click here for more information and to sign up.

WHO are these concerts for?
We are aiming the concerts at communities like hospitals, children’s wards, nursing homes, care homes, schools, shelters, children’s homes, and any other type of community space that would enjoy some live-streamed music. Ideally, you would have a large TV, computer screen, or projector that is able to link to the platform, Skype, or Microsoft Teams, so that your whole audience can see and hear the musicians clearly. It’s also possible to have the audience on different devices, so, for example, different classrooms in a school could join the concert at the same time, or different bedrooms in a nursing home could all access the concert at the same time. A good wifi connection is essential for live-stream (so the musicians don’t freeze on your screen mid-song). If this is unavailable to you, there is an option to pre-record personalised concerts and send them to you via a private YouTube link. This option is also available if you think that it won’t be possible to secure a specific time and day to have a live-streamed concert.

WHAT will we play?
You can find a link to our current music list here. This is always evolving as more musicians join us with new music, so keep checking in to see what else gets added. For more information on concerts tailored to children please click here. We can also take requests, as long as you give us a weeks notice to let our musicians prepare them. We really encourage our audiences to make requests as it means we can make the concert personalised to the audience. Some examples of types of requests could be:

  • The song a nursing home resident had their first dance at their wedding to
  • A child’s favourite nursery rhyme
  • A favourite TV show theme tune or film soundtrack
  • Something the audience will all or mostly know that they’ll want to sing along to (and be strongly encouraged to sing along!)

HOW does it work?
We will live stream our concert through, Microsoft Teams, or Skype (whatever platform is easiest for you to access), with the different musicians (spread out over the UK, or even Europe or the rest of the world!) in the same ‘online meeting’ with the audience.

WHY are we doing this?
With the current climate, musicians have had their entire concert season and the majority of their work completely decimated. Although this is just one of the many many ways the pandemic is affecting us all, it’s hard for us to function without being able to share with our audiences that we care about so much. This initiative is completely free for everyone who wants to watch, but if you feel able to (and only if you feel able to), we have a donation platform here where you can ‘tip’ the musicians, and the proceeds will be split evenly between all the performers from your concert. If you would like to support the project without requesting a concert, you can donate via the same platform, and the proceeds will go directly to the musicians contributing to the concerts, plus support us to advertise this to more communities.

WHO are the musicians?
As we still develop as a new initiative, we’re building up our pool of musicians, but check in here soon to find musician profiles and more information about us. If you’re interested in joining us as a performer, please click here to find out more information and to sign up.