Covid-19 Online Teaching

Due to the current Government advice for us to all limit travel, and self-isolate where possible, I am starting to teach lessons only via video call from the 23rd March. I have been phasing this in through students that have already gone into isolation, and found it successful.

I will be teaching through the platform ‘‘ – click the link to register for a free account. I have chosen this platform as (after many experiments!) it seems to have the best sound quality, and is the most practical in terms of scheduling and safeguarding. Once you have registered an account, please email me to let me know what email address you have registered it with, and I will send you a ‘meeting request’ at the time of our upcoming lesson.

General points for online lessons:

  1. I will ONLY teach students under the age of 18 if there is an adult over the age of 18+ in the room (ideally a parent, guardian, or carer).
  2. Please test your video/sound set up BEFORE our first lesson. I am continuing to teach ‘back to back’, so cannot allow lessons to run significantly over because of technical issues.
  3. Make sure you are video calling from an appropriate room in your house – the living room, study, or the kitchen. No bedrooms, bathrooms, or gardens. If this is an issue, please discuss it with me in advance.
  4. Before each lesson, please scan a copy of the music we are going to work on and email it to me on – apps such as ‘tiny scanner’ are great for this, and convert iPhone pictures to PDFs very efficiently,.


Ideally the camera will be set up so I can see you at this angle:

This means that I can see what fingers you are using, the direction your bow is going in, your face, and both hands clearly. I do NOT need to see the sheet music/music stand you are reading from in the video, so try to put that below the camera angle (and ideally not have the camera ON the music stand – this isn’t a great angle for teaching).

Instead of me needing to see the sheet music in the video, I would request that before a lesson you scan it (the app ‘tiny scanner’ is great for this – it converts pictures you take on a phone into PDFs) and email it through to me, so to save time. This is especially important if it is a new piece we are working on, and I may not be familiar with it.


The camera should be set up so I can see the student from this angle at their piano or keyboard:

At this angle, I can see the student’s hands, piano keys, posture, and face when they turn.

I do not need to be able to see the student’s music from this angle, instead please scan it to me in advance of the lesson. I find the app ‘tiny scanner’ the best for this, as you can take a photo on your phone, convert to PDF, and email straight through.